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re: Clan Vaults


Greetings Clannies,

I have on and off tried to organize the vaults a bit. Her's what I'm trying to do, as an fyi and to try and help you find things in the vaults.

As the sector vault is most common, I have tried to keep a store of the various ammo types in the sector vault, near the top, in a somewhat orderly fashion.  Also weapons and armour for distribution.

The barter vaul is mostly mats and consumables. 

The VIP and utility vaults still mostly have the stuff in them that's always been in them, plus I have used them as my overflow vaults for various mats I use a lot and stock up on when techs have global territory control.  I haven't really got a plan for how to use them, other than to store stuff that is less often accessed.  I'm thinking the higher level stuff, as these vaults are generally accessible in the later sectors where they'll be needed.

Also, the clan vaults are kinda sorta full.  To bursting, really.  We have tons of equipment and consumables, mostly donated by clannies since the clan's beginnings.  Also Zanthanee just received an inheritance and shared some with the clan. 

We are apparently a pretty self-reliant bunch of hardy wasteland survivors, because I don't remember ever seeing too many requests for stuff in my time with SOC.  Except for mats, people ask for mats relatively often, especially certain stables like steel, fasteners, etc.  Which is good, because it means they're crafting, which I wholeheartedly encourage.

So I'm open to suggestions regarding the rest of the stuff, because really, how many pairs of hide boots or crude slowing poison do we need?  I was contemplating putting some stuff up on AH over time (no need to crash prices), and then we could use the proceeds to help fund hugs for Lukash (don't worry Lukash, I'll pick on someone else soon for in-jokes :) ), for things in support of clan activities like buying instas, or more bulk buying of mats for clannies with my social and gtc discounts.


Your friendly neighbourhood quartermaster.
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